Nestled along the stunning coastline of Quepos, Costa Rica, awaits an angler’s haven with a bounty of offshore and inshore treasures. From late December to May, embark on a fishing adventure that promises encounters with an impressive array of species.

Best Time to Cast: Late December to May

The optimal time to cast your line in Quepos extends from late December through May. During these months, the offshore waters are teeming with sailfish, marlins, dorados, and yellowfin tunas, providing a thrilling backdrop for your angling exploits.

Full-Day Offshore Expeditions: A Feast for Anglers

Embark on full-day offshore fishing expeditions that kick off at 7 am, with clients picked up from their hotels. The journey unfolds against the backdrop of the Pacific, with the thrill of pursuing sailfish, marlin, and other trophy species. Lunch, beers, soft drinks, water, fruits, fishing tackle, bait, and a seasoned captain and mate are all part of the comprehensive package.

Top-Notch Tackle: Equipped for Success

Experience the joy of the catch with high-quality tackle provided by Quepos Fishing. We offer excellent gear, including Peen International Rod and Reels, and Shimano for conventional fishing. Whether you prefer light tackle or the finesse of fly fishing, we ensure you have the tools for a successful and enjoyable fishing adventure.

Inshore Bliss: A Tapestry of Species

Quepos’ inshore fishing promises a tapestry of species, including wahoo, snappers, Spanish mackerel, roosterfish, grouper, jacks, and seabass. Opt for half-day tours from 7:30 am to 12 pm, or from 1 pm to 5 pm, offering flexibility to suit your preferences. Enjoy a delightful spread of fruits, beer, soft drinks, and the expertise of our captain and mate.

May through October Magic: A Continued Fishing Delight

Even as May transitions into October, the fishing in Quepos remains excellent. Big yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and inshore species like snapper, roosterfish, grouper, and Spanish mackerel provide fantastic opportunities for anglers seeking diverse and rewarding catches.

Quepos, Costa Rica, beckons anglers with its rich marine tapestry and exceptional fishing opportunities. Join Quepos Fishing for an adventure where every cast holds the promise of a remarkable catch and memories to last a lifetime. Book your fishing tour now and experience the unparalleled magic of Quepos’ waters!